Investment Strategy

Red Dog Equity's founders will use the contacts and connections amassed during their extensive careers to source lower middle-market private equity investment opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • An identified Red Dog business leader to run the company who has real "skin in the game" in the form of a substantial personal investment in the company
  • Companies operating in industries where we or our partners have deep experience
  • A stable business with strong customer relationships and a diverse book of business
  • Something significant about the company that gives it an edge – we will avoid companies whose disappearance would not be noticed
  • Multiple ways to grow the business including by acquisition
  • The absence of large risks that are beyond management's control
  • Red Dog Equity's ability to add value post-acquisition

We prefer control investments and will consider minority investments if we believe all the criteria above are present (and we have negative control).

Alignment of interests is achieved through generous, transparent, and realistically achievable equity incentives for management.

An active board with value-additive outside board members that supports, enhances, and motivates management and monitors, measures, and prioritizes equity value creation.